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Character and the Bottom-Line — the Hard Data

The Impact of Character on the Success of Organizations

Dr. Fred Kiel

Dr. Fred Kiel

Founder and Executive Director of KRW Research Institut. Kontakt: kiel@krw-intl.com

Character wasn’t a big topic in the leadership arena ten years ago, neither in the professional debate nor in the public discussion, but it has become an issue today. An interview with the scientist and consultant Fred Kiel.

ZOE: What is bringing character into focus in the debate about leadership?

Kiel: I am not sure that I agree that it was not an issue ten years ago. It was just that there was very little understanding of a very important point: who you are as a leader is far more important than what you know how to do – your skills. Failure to realize this has led to huge mistakes by leaders going back forever. We are rewarding the low-character behaviour of senior leaders, and that continues to be a blight. The financial crisis has exposed many incidences of the impact poor character at the top has on companies, and the public and media have become very sensitive to the issue.

Since we did our research, our book is getting world-wide attention because we published data and descriptions on what everybody intuitively knows to be true: the most successful companies, are led by people that you trust! When you look at where trust comes from, it comes from who you are – it comes from your character.

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